A Simple Way to Buy a Home that Works for First Time Homeowners

A great real estate agent will help answer a lot of your questions and successfully get a deal done for you.

Many first time home buyers spend a lot of time spinning their wheels looking at a bunch of online listings, driving neighborhoods, and attending open houses. Doing all of these things without ever making an offer can be frustrating for you. It’s understandable because the whole process can be scary.

How do I know?

I know what it’s like to do all of those things because I spent 2 and a half years looking at houses before I made an offer.

Yep. 2 and a half years.

The truth was that I was scared of buying a house even though I really wanted to buy one. What was I scared of? The unknown. I didn’t know what to expect in getting a loan from a bank. I didn’t know what paperwork was needed or how to fill it out. I didn’t even know that I would have the opportunity to inspect a house after I had successfully reached an agreement with the seller. I was completely in the dark about that fact. I was scared and afraid I was going to make a huge mistake.

The result was window shopping for homes with no progress being made. Frustrated, I contacted a REALTOR and told her what I was wanting in a house. We finally started making progress. She explained a lot of things to me that calmed my fears.

We went out and looked at a foreclosure. After a couple of days of negotiating (all with the help of my agent), we had a deal. As I had recently learned, I was able to conduct a home inspection before the closing and wasn’t obligated to close until I was satisfied with the results of the inspection.

If I had talked with a real estate agent sooner, I would have saved a lot of frustration and time. I wish I would have done that sooner, but I’m glad I partnered with an agent eventually.

If my story sounds like yours, please let us help you through the process. We’ve worked with other buyers like you who have spent a lot of time on willow and realtor.com looking at houses, but not getting any closer to achieving their goal of owning their own home. Working with them and helping them get into a place of their own makes us very happy!

Please let us help you – call 816-399-4994 or email david@diamondkingrealty.com to get started today.

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